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Glory Land Farm

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We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.


 Listing of animals that are rentable:
  • ducks
  • chickens
  • cattle
  • goats
  • peacocks
  • pony  
  • donkey
  • lambs
  • pigs  
  • cats
  • rabbits
  • turkeys

We can provide at various ages of life.

Loading, delivery, and pick=up service

  • Your satisfation and the saftey of you and our animals are important to you and to us. Loading, delivery and pick-up are vital to every successful rental. A well trained and experienced team will bring all the necessary materials to your establishment, as well as the skills and knowledge developed over many years in the business. They will also bring with them food, and lodging for the animals if you will have them more then one day. The team will then come after your event to pick-up the animals and cages. You will be taught by one of our team members how to feed, handle and care for the animals while in your care.

Glory Land Farm * Hillsdale, MI
Phone: 517-398-4840